Our platform strikes a balance between adaptivity and teachability. While mentor sessions provide a unique learning pathway for students, teachers receive real-time data that enables them to teach to students’ strengths and weaknesses effectively and efficiently. Our platform is the product of feedback from administrators, teachers and students, as we continuously look for ways to incorporate new features that are engaging and easy to use.


Building the right implementation model that matches a school’s capacity to integrate technology is key to long-term success. Whether you are seeking a student-focused assessment practice model, introducing teachers to blended instruction, or transforming an entire school district, Revolution K12 ensures you have the training and support necessary to meet your goals.


Each school year, students enter class with varying levels of math skills and fundamentals. Our Mentor Session technology quickly assesses subject mastery, diagnoses specific areas of weakness, and scaffolds to reteach core concepts, leading students through an individualized learning path that focuses on their specific needs.


The learning process becomes infinitely easier when students are readily engaged. Revolution K12’s programs contain an integrated game layer that actively engages students as they work. With motivational, communal, and competitive aspects, learning no longer becomes an arduous task, but a fun, engaging process that builds confidence and mastery.


Improving student results is our highest priority, and that is why we constantly look for ways to boost efficacy in each of our programs. Check out several schools that have been able to achieve and maintain incredible results in math proficiency and standardized tests after implementing our software.

Washington Prep HS
Washington Prep HS
MetWest HS
MetWest HS
Cesar Chavez HS
Cesar Chavez HS
Granada Hills Charter HS
Granada Hills Charter HS
Antelope Valley HS
Antelope Valley HS
Mendez Learning Center for Math & Science
Mendez Learning Center for Math & Science


It’s important to us that we contribute in multiple ways to the communities in which we work.  Revolution’s Annual Service Project is a day in which we work to provide a clean and safe campus at a local Los Angeles high school, keeping a social mission central to our culture and organization.

Jordan High School

View Park Prep High School

Los Angeles Leadership Academy


We are pioneers in math education and high-stakes test preparation.  Our team believes in using the power of technology to drive student achievement and inspire lifelong learning.

  • Brian Wang
    Brian Wang General Manager

    Brian manages our overall business operations, helping to shape Revolution K12’s growth strategy and how we deliver our content to teachers and students

  • Ariel Lehtonen
    Ariel Lehtonen Director of Implementation

    Ariel works tirelessly to strengthen our partnerships with schools and provide teachers with the support & training necessary to implement our programs with fidelity.

  • Marty Lashenick
    Marty Lashenick National Director of Sales

    Marty works with schools and districts to build a comprehensive software and implementation strategy that helps disenfranchised students get back on the path to college and career readiness.

  • Nick Delja
    Nick Delja VP of Engineering

    Nick oversees our technology platform, development process, creating responsive and seamless applications that meet the needs of today’s classrooms.

  • Carrie Finsilver
    Carrie Finsilver Director of School Partnerships

    Carrie oversees all sales and logistical aspects of delivering K12’s test prep programs to our partner schools and organizations.

  • Emily Diehl
    Emily Diehl School Partnerships - Northern CA

    Emily builds partnerships with schools to empower students with a growth mindset and boost math and English Language Arts results in Northern California.

  • Allison Hastings
    Allison Hastings Sales Operations

    Allison ensures all K12 program partnerships and implementations run smoothly from start to finish.  If you have a question or problem, she’ll be able to solve it!

  • Kristin Floreno
    Kristin Floreno School Partnerships - Michigan

    Kristin works with administrators to implement online programs and blended instruction into Michigan’s classrooms, making it easy for teachers to differentiate and personalize their instruction.

  • Vanik Gevorgyan
    Vanik Gevorgyan Front End Engineer

    Vanik makes what we envision for our software programs come to life on the computer screen. He works hard to make the user experience beautiful and fun!