Historically, test prep providers have been overly focused on students who already have a pathway to college. These students often need academic review instead of primary instruction and reside in communities where college going is the norm. Our programs, however, specifically address the needs of urban students who are ‘first in their family’ to attend college, building a bridge that addresses their unique needs.


Urban students require more than practice exams to understand why their education matters and what their college experience will look like. Beyond direct instruction, our program leads students through exercises that turn common time, academic, and financial constraints that make college seem unrealistic into manageable obstacles that students can overcome.


While we support multiple implementation models that afford instructional, scheduling, and budgetary flexibility, the College First program combines Direct Instruction, Curriculum Support, and College Bridge content.


Many students have responsibilities like caring for younger siblings or working to help support their household. We show that while these commitments are a challenge to balance, they are compatible with the right academic planning and course load.


Students in urban communities believe college is simply unaffordable.  We walk students through the FAFSA application, scholarships, work study programs, and non-traditional financial aid options that demonstrate that affordability is NOT a barrier.


Academic standards are not the same for urban students to attend college. We break common fallacies surrounding academic requirements to set realistic goals and and explore alternative pathways like transferring from a 2-year to 4-year college.


Our curriculum doesn’t sugar coat the journey or exaggerate the outcomes of college. We highlight the effort work students must put forth and careers that they can realistically pursue to see meaningful improvement in their lives.

Career Mentors

We include profiles of individuals who came from similar communities, overcame obstacles, and have led successful careers. We lead discussions on what students can learn from their stories and how to positively shape their post-high school trajectory.

Academic Support

Students not only receive a kit with a workbook and full-length practice exams, but also access to our adaptive software which helps identify fill and fundamental skill gaps. Detailed score reports and data allow us to tailor instructional time and build instructor capacity.


Standardized testing has drastically changed the way students are expected to demonstrate mastery of math and English concepts. Revolution K12 helps you and your students stay ahead of the curve to prepare irrespective of the exam. Our team of experts is continuously working to ensure our curriculum is up-to-date with new test-taking strategies and full-length practice exams.


Standardized test scores can represent up to 30% of college candidates’ applications, yet students spend roughly .1% of their time in high school preparing. We’ll help students prioritize their preparation and ensure they have the access and resources to reach their goals on test day.


A competitive test score might make college an option, but we like to take students a step closer to reality. Revolution K12 partners with GoCampusing to give students the opportunity to experience college firsthand during weeklong campus tours in regions across the country.