Test prep is more than just about helping students increase a score. It’s about opening pathways to college, broadening career opportunities, and increasing intrinsic motivation to achieve. We go beyond teaching simple strategies and techniques, and focus on demonstrating the possibilities when students put in the work necessary to achieve their potential.


Every student deserves the same access to quality instruction for college entrance exams. That is why we partner with school districts and organizations across the country to provide our innovative test prep and curriculum to thousands of students who may not have the means or opportunity to get the support they need.


Choose one of our course options to fit your school’s test prep needs. We support multiple implementation models that afford instructional, scheduling, and budgetary flexibility. Together, we’ll design a comprehensive program that aligns to the needs of your students and maximizes results.

Group Course

Our traditional prep class taught by one of our premium instructors. The standard course schedule is structured over six 3-hour class sessions during which your students will strengthen fundamental skill gaps and learn critical test-taking strategies for the PSAT, SAT, or ACT. Includes a student workbook, five full-length practice exams and access to a student dashboard with additional support tools.


Our most popular course option that leverages your school’s most powerful asset: a teacher who knows how to inspire and motivate students. Select a member of your faculty to be trained on our curriculum and test-taking strategies by a Revolution K12 Master Teacher. Train-the-Trainer affords the most class schedule flexibility, builds future capacity within your faculty, and maximizes students’ score increases.

Dash Pass

A budget-friendly option designed for schools seeking to support as many students as possible. Dash Pass can easily be paired with a school-wide mock exam or bootcamp, and includes printable, full-length printable practice exams and an online library of videos of our best instructors teaching Revolution’s curriculum and test-taking strategies that students work through independently.


Standardized testing has drastically changed the way students are expected to demonstrate mastery of math and English concepts. Revolution K12 helps you and your students stay ahead of the curve to prepare irrespective of the exam. Our team of experts is continuously working to ensure our curriculum is up-to-date with new test-taking strategies and full-length practice exams.


Standardized test scores can represent up to 30% of college candidates’ applications, yet students spend roughly .1% of their time in high school preparing. We’ll help students prioritize their preparation and ensure they have the access and resources to reach their goals on test day.


A competitive test score might make college an option, but we like to take students one step closer to reality. Every semester, Revolution K12 sponsors a student for a college campus tour, affording the opportunity to experience the life of a college student firsthand.